Infinito Services is the core business of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe which builds blockchain based solutions while facilitating an evolving and expanding ecosystem of decentralized values. We are a team of creative visionaries devoted to being pioneers in a future where blockchain is as ubiquitous and accessible as the internet today. We share this passion and energy with our clients and partners whom we zealously work to satisfy by delivering practical and creative solutions that fit any business.


Infinito turns the complexities of blockchain into practical solutions while navigating the evolving landscape of regulatory compliance. In harnessing the power of blockchain, we shorten the distance between business objectives and the potentials of next generation technology. Our collaboration with users, applications, services and partners creates a foundation of value that makes the blockchain work for you.


Infinito aims to be the leader in R&D blockchain development and compliance that empowers the world through next generation innovations.


Senior management with intensive professional experience in blockchain technology plus a team of 30+ members including technical developers and researchers, business and marketing executives, designers, quality control engineers, and customer service officers.

Junya Yamamoto


Jack Nguyen

Project Director

Ellena Ki

Marketing Manager

Fedor Bushlanov

Business Leader

Charlie Bussat

Marketing Leader

Jackie Pham

Product Manager

Tai Pham

Mobile Leader

Cuong Nguyen

Technical Leader

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