Deliver tokens with top security and speed


Pre/Mid-Campaign – As a budding ICO looking to attract genuine investors, it can be puzzling navigating the ever-evolving world of crypto. Not all crypto users are true enthusiasts willing to invest and spread the world of your blockchain project. How do you effectively and efficiently target the right communities for your fundraising campaign?

Post-Campaign – Your ICO campaign was a hit and you must now distribution assets to users and investors. There are millions of tokens and thousands of crypto addresses. Even the smallest mistake can be detrimental not only to your funds but also credibility. How can you securely and assuredly deliver your promise to users and investors?

Infinito Solutions

Infinito Airdrop – Deliver your Airdrop Tokens to the right audience. Infinito Wallet users are the blockchain enthusiasts deeply invested in this technology and are the most likely potential investors for your project. This universal wallet also supports all ERC20, NEP-5, and EOS Tokens along with leading blockchains, so no worries about compatibility!

Infinito Token Distribution – Had a successful ICO and is now tasked with delivering tokens to investors and registered users? Compile your list of blockchain addresses along with amount of tokens for distribution in total and per specific addresses. Then sit back and hand everything over to Infinito – we will deliver your tokens with utmost accuracy, security, and speed.


Detailed Real-Time Progress Tracking and Report

Custom or Ready-Made Address Distribution List

Various Methods of Additional Airdrop Promotion

Auxiliary Service: KYC Integration at All Stages


No matter which stage of ICO campaigning, Infinito can be of service. Fundraise effectively, securely, and compliantly.

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